Japanese Version of “The Human Be-In (1970)”

Japanese Version of “The Human Be-In (1970)”will be released soon!
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lighting and special effect by
filmed by
Rokka Ando
Sekiguchi Dai
music by
recorded by
Ishikura Natsuki (from OTOlab)
A New life was moving through the social and political life of America with the Vietnam moratorium marches, student unrest, and the spread of unorthodox mores and styles of life among the young. How is it to be understood?
A good part of the answer the reader will find in The Human Be-in, a book that was written from the other side of the generation gap by a middle-ages, middle-class professional woman who spent eleven months in almost daily contact with the young people of the Haight-Asbury section of San Francisco. Her Book is both a narrative of personal discovery and a compelling appreciation of the hippie experience and philosophy.
Helen Swick Perry (1911-2011) is a social scientist who worked for many years in the field of mental health. She is best known for writing definitive biography of Harry stack Sullivan (“Psychiatrist of America,”) and as a lecturer in William Alanson White Institute in Washington.